here are frequently asked questions about my team building experiences:

What’s included in the experience?

A private cooking class and private dining experience. Cook in a chef’s kitchen, and eat in a restored Craftsman dining room. 2.5 - 3 hours, with time for both hands-on cooking and eating and relaxing together. Includes, chef-prepared appetizers and dessert, with access to an outdoor deck.

Why cooking as a team building experience?

Because our new world of work is one of complex, collaborative high-stake projects; fluid and virtual teams; and a deep need for good ideas from everywhere. It’s critical that everyone feels empowered to contribute.  A meaningful, shared cooking experience can be part of making this happen. Cooking is a hands-on, interactive, and delicious learning experience that everyone can enjoy, and to which everyone has something to offer. A perfect experience to celebrate a job well done, a launch, a great quarter, or overcoming a big hurdle. Also helpful for bringing the team together before a big challenge or opportunity.

How do I book?

Three Easy Steps.
1. Reach Out, and I can answer any additional questions you have.
2. Pay 50% deposit to book and hold date. (No dates held without a deposit.)
3. 2 weeks before scheduled date, Pay remaining 50%. And email me the class choice the team has selected, along with any dietary restrictions of team participants.

Can we also host our company offsite at your place?

Yes. Want to hold your whole- or half-day offsite here? I’ve got your business needs covered: a large table for meetings and a comfortable living room for conversation. Strong Wi-Fi, so you can video in any remote team members for the offsite portion. There is a fee for meeting rental, additional meals, or refreshment outside of cooking-dining experience. Let’s talk.

What days and times are available?

Team building is available M, T, W evening, and TH, F (day, or evening).  I can offer weekend times if you’d like to share a cooking experience with family + friends on the home team. If you have a specific date and time in mind, I encourage you to book early.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Absolutely, and I love to do so! Inclusivity is what I’m all about. Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Paleo--No problem and no add-on fees ever for dietary accommodations.

What size team can I bring?

6 to 12 is my sweet spot. Minimum of $1000.

What’s unique about your approach to food and teams?

Inclusive, hands on, convivial and social while learning something new together. I’m on a mission to promote the [Common Table]. Cooking together a chef’s kitchen is an interactive, sensory experience that requires people to be present. Folks love a chance to connect outside of work (and off of screens), and bring this connection and collaborative spirit back to work. I make sure the learning and amazing food are always in service of the team.

Do you offer a choice of classes?

Yes, and here’s my guidance: I’ve found it sets the tone, creates excitement and connection (even before your team-building day) if you ask team members input for the specific class from my list of 4-6 options, and choose together as a team the cooking experience you’d like to share. I love to share food from countries that are crossroads of culture such as Morocco, Belize, Mexico, Thailand, and the United States. I’m about accessibility, and meaningful technique that imparts flavor and fun.

How is this different than a cooking school or class at a retail cooking store?

Your team is in a chef’s own kitchen, with lots of natural daylight, learning together. There’s no upsell to buy a pan, product, or series of cooking lessons. I accommodate—and indeed welcome—any dietary restrictions, and everyone is involved in every part of the process.

Will I really be able to cook this on my own afterward?

Yes! that’s why everyone participates in every part in small groups, from start to end, I guide you through, with clear easy directions. This is not a cooking class where some folks get stuck making the salad, while others decide they’re going to help make the main dish/entree.

How can I pick the right team-building experience?

My goal is to help you succeed, and reap the praise for choosing an experience where everyone feels comfortable, inspired, and has a great time. Your team will love how well orchestrated and relaxed the whole experience is. My process is well-honed and that allows for lots of spontaneity, and my ability to personalize the class to the group. Also, I know you’re busy, with a deadline, and that’s why I make things smooth and easy throughout. You bring the team. I take care of everything else.

My company’s holiday party is so boring and stilted. Can we do this instead?

Yes, this is a great option for teams, and small companies or medical practices. No more stilted, awkward offsites or holiday parties. A festive experience that works for all ages and abilities.

Can we bring beer or wine?


is there parking?

Yes, ample street parking.

Are you accessible by public transportation from SF?

Yes, a 15 minute walk from either Ashby or Rockridge BART Stations.

Do teams ever return?

Yes, and I love when folks come back. I’m happy to say that team leaders and participants often refer other teams from within their company. For one company, I’ve led cooking experiences for over twenty teams.  Folks seem to like to share the magic with others, and relive it for themselves. Bottom line, I think team members welcome a meaningful (rather than manufactured) team-building activity that also connects them with other team members and their lives and loves outside of work.

What do I have to do after I’ve booked?

Two weeks before your event, simply let me know 1) which class option your team has chosen from my rotating list of 4 to 6 options; 2) any dietary needs of individual team members so I can accommodate them, and 3) pay your remaining 50% balance.  I’ve designed your cooking + dining experience as a turn-key service that’s easy, fun, relaxed—so it’s easy for you to join the other one-hundred-plus teams who’ve enjoyed their Cook With Chef Traci experience.

Do you host cooking experiences for families and friends?

Yes. Your SQUAD is everything. Folks have booked for a friend reunion, a bachelorette party, or a birthday party, for instance. They are tons of fun.

Wow, you really seem to welcome questions.

Yes, I love and welcome questions. One of my favorite parts of teaching is answering all your team’s questions because it makes for wonderful impromptu conversation and delight.